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What is Short YL Signup?

Short YL Signup is a free service for YL team leaders who would like to have a custom URL shortener. The concept came from distributors wanting to replicate what we did with yl.pe but have it under their own domain. You can see an example of what your site would look like at yl.pe or signup.yl.pe

What is a URL shortener service?

A URL shortener simply takes long URLs and makes them shorter, and in turn easier to read and memorize. Not to mention long links get cut off by many social media services.

How are you different than Bitly (bit.ly) or Google (goo.gl)

Our service is very different from traditional shortener services because our links are specifically for the YoungLiving™ member sign up page. We take the very long sign up URL and shorten it so that when you provide potential new members with your link, it will automatically pass in your sponsor number so they will be able to register under you. It removes the complexity of remembering sponsor numbers and remembering to fill out the forms on the YoungLiving™ side.

Don't have a domain?

Don't fret, there are an unlimited amount of domains to choose from. There are also many different top level domains (TLD's) out there to choose from such as .co, .it and .me, so you don't have to stick with the typical .com. Be creative with your domain and how it flows with the TLD. There are also many different companies that you can purchase the domain from. If you are not familiar with the process we can help you through it. It takes minutes and all you need is the domain- no hosting required!

But I currently have a domain...

If you currently have a domain thats great. All you have to do is edit or add a record to your domain name server (DNS). You will want to point your domain or sub-domain to our servers IP. Our IP address will be sent to you when you create the site.

Whats the process?

This process may sound complicated in some parts but there really is nothing to it. We are here to help so please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below.
  1. Purchase a domain or create a sub-domain
    • If, for example, your website is essentialsbyjen.com. You could set up a sub-domain called go.essentialsbyjen.com that would point to our service and display the shortener website.
  2. Create a Site
    • This is a two step process where you will create an account and then create your site. You will be able to choose the name, colors and font type. You will also choose whether to use the random or custom URL format. This is very important and cannot be changed once your site is created. The random URL format will automatically create the slug or name of the link, whereas custom allows your users to choose what the slug is. Most people will want the custom as it gives their team members the ability to be creative and customize their links.
  3. Confirmation email
    • Once you create a site you will receive an email with our IP address. You will need to have access to your DNS and be able to add or edit records. This step is simple but very important since the DNS holds the keys to your kingdom. If you have any reservations with this step please let us help. It is not difficult but if you do not know what you are doing you could break things that should not be broken.
  4. That's it!
    • After you have completed the DNS changes we can activate your site and you're up and running. You will receive another email with instructions on how to access your analytics via Google.